Mission of the JREC:

To promote public safety by identifying and implementing strategies that increase the well-being of justice-involved individuals within the community and reduces the likelihood of recidivism.

 Juneau Reentry Coalition Holiday Season Potluck

The Juneau Reentry Coalition cordially invites you to our Holiday Season Potluck.  The potluck will be held on Wednesday, December 18, 2019, from 6:00 to 7:30 pm, at the Northern Light United Church, 400 W. 11th Street. 

The Holiday Season Potluck is a time set aside to celebrate successful recovery and reentry into the community after incarceration.  We welcome all community members, those with lived experience, family and friends, and all those who want to encourage and support success.

 Please come with or without a dish to share!

For more information, please see our flyer, or contact Don via email at info@juneaureentry.org.

Overcoming addiction and want to minimizing jail time?

At the JREC Community Meeting on April 17th, the Juneau Therapeutic Courts (JTC) program was the topic of discussion.  Michelle Delkettie, Program Manager, provided an overview of the JTC and the Juneau Coordinated Resources Project (CRP) programs.

What is the Juneau Therapeutic Court?

“The Juneau Therapeutic Court is a court for misdemeanor or felony defendants who are charged with a DUI or refusal or have a history of alcohol-related offenses, and who want to overcome their addiction to alcohol and achieve lifetime sobriety.”

To find out more about the JTC and how they might help you or a loved one overcome addiction and minimize jail time visit their website here or download their pamphlet here.

What is the Juneau Coordinated Resources Project?

“The CRP – also known as the Juneau Mental Health Court – is a voluntary “therapeutic” or “problem solving” court located within the Juneau District Court that hears cases involving individuals diagnosed with mental disabilities who are charged with misdemeanor offenses and focuses on their treatment and rehabilitation.”

To find out more about the CRP and how they might help you or a loved one navigate involvement with the court system with a misdemeanor charge and mental illness visit their website here or download their pamphlet here.

The 2019 JREC meeting schedule has been set!

Steering Team meetings (blue shading) are monthly and Community meetings (green shading) are every other month.  All may attend any of the meetings.  Community meetings focus on reentry issues important to our community and Steering Team meetings focus on coalition governance.  Do you want more information about the 2019 meeting schedule or JREC events?  Send us an email at info@juneaureentry.org.