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Bartlett Hospital Mental Health Services

Bartlett Hospital Mental Health Services provides stabilization, inpatient, and outpatient mental health services to residents experiencing mental health emergencies and other behavioral health crises. Phone: 907-796-8690.  

Front Street Clinic Juneau

Front Street Clinic is a drop-in health clinic that provides both medical and mental health care, dentistry, and other supports to people with minimal or no resources to pay. Phone: 907-364-4565. Notice of Sliding Discount Program: This health ...

Gastineau Human Services (GHS)

Gastineau Human Services (GHS) offers housing and behavioral health services for justice-involved Alaskans. Services include residential and outpatient treatment and recovery services, supportive housing, and other support. Phone: 907-780-3044.

JAMHI Health & Wellness

JAMHI Health & Wellness offers both primary and behavioral health care, supportive housing, reentry case management, treatment for co-occurring disorders, and more. Phone: 907-463-3303

Rainforest Recovery Center (RRC)

Rainforest Recovery Center (RRC) is a 16-bed residential and outpatient treatment and recovery provider for people with substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders with mental illness, traumatic brain injury, intellectual or cognitive ...

SEARHC Behavioral Health

Southeast Alaska Regional Health Corporation (SEARHC) Behavioral Health offers a broad range of medical, mental health, and substance use disorder services for both Alaska Native and non-Native Alaskans. Phone: 907-364-4447 Behavioral Health ...