A Community Collaboration Supporting Reentry Success

Closeup of prison door lock, photo by Sebasitan Leon Prado

Unlocking doors

The Juneau Reentry Coalition is a collaboration of individuals, community members, and public agencies who support success for all justice-involved Alaskans.

Members include people with lived experience of incarceration, community advocates, corrections, Alaska Native organizations, public health and social services, vocational rehabilitation, housing, transitional living, legislators, domestic violence shelters, mental health and addiction treatment providers, faith-based organizations, public safety, youth services, and others.

JREC collaborates with the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, Department of Corrections, Department of Health and Social Services, Department of Labor and Workforce Development, and community partners to assess and mobilize resources that address barriers and build community services for justice-involved individuals.

A shaka hand gesture during sunset, photo by Grant Durr

Celebrating Success

The mission of the JREC is to promote public safety within the community by identifying and implementing strategies that increase the success of all justice-involved individuals and reduces the likelihood of recidivism.

We will accomplish this by:


            • Improved communication and collaboration between the Alaska Department of Corrections, other State agencies, and the community.
            • Building community partnerships to strengthen local services.
            • Identifying barriers to successful reentry into the community after incarceration and taking an active role in addressing those concerns.
            • Support transitioning offenders in accessing community support services pre/post release.
            • Promote community awareness about underlying causes and conditions that lead to incarceration.

Involvement in the Juneau Reentry Coalition

There are many ways and levels for personal involvement with the work of the Juneau Reentry Coalition.  We highlight two in the information below.

Workgroups focus on specific community reentry issues. Workgroups range in size from a few to as many as ten individuals.   They provide detailed issue exploration, planning, and problem-solving work, and offer recommendations to the coalition on how best to enhance or overcome a community reentry issue.  To find out more about JREC Workgroups, click here.

The Steering Team guides the Juneau Reentry Coalition. It is comprised of members representing a variety of Juneau stakeholders that are installed into designated seats. The Steering Team meets at least monthly to conduct coalition business, and more often as the need may arise.  To find out more about the JREC Steering Team, please see the Steering Team Organization section in the Operational Guidelines document.

To volunteer your time and talents at the Workgroup or Steering Team level, or to ask questions, please contact the Coalition Coordinator using the Contact Form.