The presentations at JREC’s community meeting on February 17, 2021, were topnotch!

Dr. Mark Simon presented on the COVID Vaccine Science and Roberta Izzard on Building Healthy Relationships.

Dr. Simon discussed the steps used to create COVID vaccines and the fast development process.  He talked about why the COVID vaccine is considered effective and safe.  In addition, he touched on the appropriateness of a thoughtful approach to becoming vaccinated.  After that, he ended his presentation by discussing the Alaska rollout plan, including the program to provide vaccines in Alaska’s prisons (congregate settings.)  His presentation, attached, is an excellent source of information.

Ms. Roberta Izzard, Victim Assistant Coordinator, presented on healthy relationships.  Roberta used a tree illustration to depict experiential roots that could lead to unhealthy relationships and codependency.  The branches of the tree illustrated chemical and process addictions that lead to unhealthy relationships.  “All are life-threatening,” said Roberta.

Next, Ms. Izzard talked about some steps that might be taken to obtain healthy relationships.  She emphasized the need for connecting to others that are working together on the healthy growing process.  Finally, Roberta described the work of ACoA (Adult Children of Alcoholics) and CoDA (CoDependents Anonymous) as a peer support program that helps build healthy relationships.