Juneau Reentry Coalition Leadership

Juneau Reentry Coalition Leadership:

Community volunteers provide organizational leadership for the Juneau Reentry Coalition (JREC).  This leadership body is called the JREC Steering Team.  The team’s roster is designed to represent a cross-section of community interests, expertise, and perspectives.  This way, the coalition’s activities and objectives are well informed and well-founded through community involvement.

The JREC executive leadership team is a subset of the steering team.  Members are the presiding co-chair, the additional co-chair, and the fiscal agent.  The executive team is empowered to manage the affairs of the coalition during certain events, such as contract negotiation and disputes.

The JREC Steering Team roster:

Presiding Co-Chair: Community Kara Nelson (Haven House)
Co-Chair: ADOC-Field Office Jennifer Winkelman (DOC)
ADOC-Pretrial Leah Van Kirk (DOC)
Fiscal Agent Linda Landvik (JAMHI Health & Wellness
Work Group Chair: Alaska Native Talia Eames (Second Chance)
Work Group Chair: Behavioral Health & Wellness Teri Tibbett (ABADA/AMHB)
Work Group Chair: Community Education & Outreach Teri Tibbett (ABADA/AMHB)
Work Group Chair: Education & Training vacant
Work Group Chair: Employment Michael Hutcherson (DOLWD)
Work Group Chair: Family Support Crystal Bourland (NAMI)
Work Group Chair: Housing Corry Isabell (AHFC)
Work Group Chair: Peer Support Michael VanLinden (JAMHI Health & Wellness)
Law Enforcement vacant
Faith-Based Organization vacant
Victim Advocate vacant
Legal (DA/PD/Judge/????) vacant
Mental Health Lynn Squires-White (DHSS)