The Alaska Community Reentry Program

The Alaska Community Reentry (ACR) Program is a State of Alaska effort to reduce recidivism to corrections through partnerships, supports, and services that address the complex needs of inmates reentering their community.


“The ACR Program envisions that inmates sentenced to thirty days or more will have the services and supports needed to successfully reenter their communities. These services and supports include, but are not limited to, access to healthcare (physical health, mental health, and substance use treatment), employment, transportation, education and training, and housing. Inmates are introduced to community services and providers during incarceration to gain familiarity and establish relations with the supports they need for successful reentry. Communities with reentry programs work with local coalitions to support their capacity to meet the service needs of reentrants. These coalitions are supported, in part, through funding from the State of Alaska. This funding is channeled through community grantees working directly with the coalitions (ACR Guide, V.4, page 11).”  

The Juneau Reentry Coalition has adopted the guiding principles of the ACR to accomplish its mission of promoting public safety improvements in Juneau.  To find out more about the Alaska Community Reentry Program, you can download the document by clicking here.