The instructions on the email that came into the Juneau Reentry Coalition’s Inbox said, “Please share this opportunity with your Coalition Partners.”  Since the subject line in the email began with “Temple University FREE,” it caught our attention.

Free, coupled with higher education, and offered to “anyone who has been involved with the justice system…is welcome” just had to be shared.  So, JREC is using our blog space to pass along this announcement for a free college course.

“Temple University is offering a virtual 3-5 continuing education units college course free of charge to formerly justice-involved individuals.  Formerly justice-involved students will take the virtual course with undergraduate students.  The class will be held from mid-January until May on Tuesdays from 5:30 pm until 8 pm EST.  The formerly justice-involved individual does NOT have to live in the Philadelphia area.  Anyone who has been involved with the justice system who would like to take part in this opportunity is welcome.  Please feel free to share this information widely. 

If you have questions, please contact Lori Pompa, Founder and Executive Director of Temple University’s Inside-Out Center who is also cc’ed on this email.

 For more information about the Inside-Out, go to”

JREC’s Coalition Coordinator read through the material on Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program’s website.  The program looks very interesting, and the educational opportunity is worthy of passing alone.

We hope you take advantage of the opportunity if interested.  To find out more or to enroll, please email Lori Pompa at