The Thirty-Second Alaska Legislature, now in session, has important bills to help successful reentry.  They are Senate Bill 70 and House Bill 118.  JREC supports these bills and has written letters supporting their passage.

Senate Bill 70

Senate Bill 70, introduced by Senator Wilson, is titled “An Act relating to opioid overdose drugs.”  The bill extends the State’s chief medical officer standing order to prescribe an opioid overdose drug.

The effect of SB70 is to continue easier access to the opioid overdose countering drugs Naloxone.  This means loved ones, friends, emergency personnel, public safety professionals, and others may carry a Naloxone kit and administer the medication to save lives in an overdose event.

Senator Wilson says this about his bill, “[i]t gives people who may overdose a greater chance of living and gives them an opportunity to get into treatment.”

JREC supports this goal!

House Bill 118

House Bill 118, introduced by Rep. Kreiss-Tomkins, is short titled “Expanding Prisoner Access To Computers.” The bill expands access to digital technology during incarceration.  The bill also requires state departments to work together to ensure a State ID is provided before release.

The bill’s sponsor says, “HB 118 creates an easier process of reentry and rehabilitation for inmates and lessens the risk of reoffending. By allowing access to safe and secure internet, inmates are better able to prepare themselves for reentry into the outside world.  Another important element of this bill is it provides easier access to identification for prisoners upon release.”

JREC supports these objectives and the bill!