About Reentry Case Manegment:

Jamhi Health & Wellness is committed to “helping people live their own best lives.” This is especially true with individuals who are releasing from prison. Being released from prison without supportive services is one of the reasons people continue to go back through the revolving door of the correctional facilities. We are committed to helping individuals get the help they need and to thrive and grow.

The program provides comprehensive case management for the reentrants that are Medium to High-risk to recidivate (LSI-R assessment administered by the Alaska Department of Corrections). For information or to request services, call JAMHI at 907-463-3303 and ask for the Reentry Program.

Direct Services Programs:

    • Case Management/Service Coordination: Integrated alcohol and other drugs/Mental health for adults.
    • Community Housing: Integrated alcohol and other drugs/Mental health for adults.
    • Crisis Intervention: Integrated alcohol and other drugs/Mental health for adults.
    • Integrated Behavioral Health/Primary Care: Comprehensive care for adults.
    • Outpatient Treatment: Integrated alcohol and other drugs/Mental Health for adults.
Primary Services
  • Behavioral health care
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Integrated physical and behavioral health care
  • Medicare application assistance
  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Probation/parole compliance support
  • Substance use disorder case management
  • Supported housing
Facility Information

3406 Glacier Highway
Juneau Alaska 99801

Primary Contact

Rachel Gearhart
Director of Behavioral Health Services

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